Peer Support Training

Peer Support Training

Peer support schemes enable chosen young people to learn the communication skills needed to be able to support their fellow pupils. The programme equips pupils with the skills needed to help others reach decisions about difficulties they may be facing. Peer support can be used as a way for pupils to resolve minor issues (freeing up teaching time) and also as a pathway for pupils to dealing with serious issues such as Bullying. It can be set up as a playground or inside school based scheme.

Peer support projects can address many of the key skills outlined in the citizenship framework.

Apple Pie's Peer Support training uses interactive drama techniques, group exercises and discussions to enable young people to learn and practice the skills needed to become Peer supporters.

Your school will be given material to advise you on how to initially set up the scheme and how to maintain the scheme following the training.

Training involves staff and children and lasts for one full day. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school and pupils.

"This is the third year of apple pie buddy training and it is well worth every penny. The quality of training is excellent; inspirational and really motivating for the students. It carried them throughout the rest of the year in their role as buddies".